What we can do

In working bronze, we continue a tradition lasting some 5,000 years. For structural use bronze has of course been largely superceded by wrought iron and steel. However its resistance to corrosion and fatigue mean that there remain applications for the various alloys of bronze where their strength is important. Examples include strapping for masonry and marine fittings.

Bronze has always found use in more decorative applications. It is a wonderfully tactile material, which casts well and can also, with modern techniques, be successfully welded. Beyond that the range of surface finishes available, combined with natural or deliberate patination and/or plating, mean that bronze can be formed and finished to suit your needs. The pieces we make combine strength, attractiveness and longevity.  

In the notes which follow we look at current and recent projects, the types of bronze and the processes which we can use to create finished articles.